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My testimonial!

I have been at simply swagg dance studio for quite a while. I enjoy dancing because i can do it with other people and make new friends. I also enjoy dancing because i get to see my favirete dance teacher's , Primal and Paul. I couldnt ask primal or paul or the crew to be any better then they are to me. When i have a problem at school i ask paul or primal because i know they'd help and give me solutoin's to my problem. Before i went to simply swagg dance studio i was shy and didnt speak much but when i met paul evrything changed i was'nt shy and i spoke often. I think thats because paul toght me how to dance and now it's like im a new person almost evrything changed.i started going into syphers and going to see dance battle's. That's why i love to dance and learn how to dance at simply swagg dance studio!

Sencirely : Josh.

My children have been students of Paul Thurton (Simply Swagg Dance Studio) for one year and love the programs offered at SSDS; so much so that we first started with only one area of discipline (Hip-Hop) and have now expanded into (3) additional styles. Paul is an accomplished teacher & choreographer. His talent and expertise is unparalleled. His level of commitment, dedication and the respect he shows to his students is immeasurable. The confidence he inspires through dance is extraordinary and a pure pleasure to observe. He is quick in providing feedback and is always prepared with positive words of encouragment for those needing a little extra boost. He is interested in all areas of his students life, not just dance - I have watched as excited students tell him about a feat they accomplished when not in the studio, whether it be a dance move they have finally mastered or an academic achievement they are just proud to share. Paul has an incredible ability of recognizing just how far to push his students to move them to the next level. He takes into account each student's individual ability and finds ways for the child to improve and excel without ever once sacrificing fun. It has been a pleasure to watch my kids grow and flourish in ways that wouldn't have been possible without Paul's involvment. My children (like most) are quite shy in new and unknown environments but through Paul's encouragment and commitment, they have been able to accomplish a great deal with only one year of instruction. Simply Swagg Dance Studio is not just a dance studio; it is an entire movement that we are very proud and honored to be a part of.

Anna Saliola

My 7 year old son has alot of energy that needs to be released. Before being introduced to Paul "Kaze" Thurton and Simply Swagg Dance Studio, I was having a lot of trouble finding an outlet for him that he enjoyed. Paul Thurton is profoundly creative when it comes to teaching Urban Dance. His studio is a great place for kids/teens of all ages to learn many techniques and styles. With his mulitple years of experience he is able to help his students build skills and confidence that can also be beneficial outside of his classes. Paul has tremendous patience and understanding for all his students. He finds a way to relate to them individually and give "one on one" time, which shows them they are all equally important to him. Since taking my son to Paul's studio for Hip-Hop & Breakdancing, I have seen many positive results. He has gained strength, discipline, skill and respect for his peers as well as a deeper appreciation for dance which he would now like to pursue for years to come. My son has found a real role model in Paul and for that I am grateful!!

Crystal Atkinson

One of the best dance studios I've seen, my daughter has taken dance lessons for the past 4 years at various locations and I have never seen her this excited to learn. Pauls passion for dancing exudes in his energetic and creative approach to teaching. He is amazing with kids, extremely attentive and has a genuine way of bringing out the unique qualities of each child so they are comfortable to let their own dance style shine in class. I'm very impressed.

Nicole Geer

I have been blessed to be a part of the Simply Swagg family for the past three and a half years. First as a bystander, wondering what this “urban dance studio” was about, then as an active member of classes and events. Paul and all of the Simply Swagg instructors offer specialized training in a variety of styles that are unavailable at most studios in the GTA, but more than that they offer a warm, safe space where students develop confidence and an improved concept of self-worth through classes, sessions, workshops and performances. The smiles, laughs, love and support provided by the staff, and all who engage in classes and events, creates a true family atmosphere. I have personally witnessed students grow from shy, unsure individuals or young children who need mom/dad to attend class with them, to self-confident, vivacious learners and performers. From my own experiences in KRUMP and other classes, as well as my work with Paul, Amadeus and Jamari at integrating their dance programs extracurricularly and into classrooms at my schools, I have experienced how Simply Swagg instructors not only teach dance, but ensure that every student, regardless of age, is successful in achieving their creative, fitness, and personal goals. Paul, Amadeus, Jamari, Matthew, Kwame, Kathleen, and the entire Simply Swagg teaching family aren’t just dance instructors: they are life skills teachers who are truly dedicated to providing dance education, mentorship, support, inspiration and warmth to each and every child, youth, and adult who enters the studio.

- Leanne McGuirk, BA Hons, BFa, BEd, OCT, CRLA Teacher – Toronto District School Board