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Simply Swagg Dance Studio, located in Scarborough, Ontario, is the fastest growing, premier urban dance studio in the GTA. 

Since 2009, owner/choreographer Paul Thurton and the Simply Swagg family of instructors have been providing superior street dance education in combination with the ethics and discipline instilled by traditional dance studio programs. 

Instructors provide classes focused on the development of basic to advanced techniques, musicality, concepts, and grooves, which ensure that students not only understand the history, music, and movements that spawned different street styles, but provide a safe, welcoming space to develop students’ self-confidence, self-awareness, and self-worth through personal expression, choreography and freestyle interpretation in their selected style (break dance, top rock, hip hop, house dance, popping, dancehall, krump, zumba etc.).

Through patient and focused instruction, Paul and the Simply Swagg staff guarantee that every student, regardless of age, gender, or ability, is successful in reaching all of their creative, fitness, and personal goals.
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